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Philadelphia, California

East Coast Heart | West Coast Vibe

Secret American is a bi-coastal indie music collective from the U.S., blending retro & modern pop-rock stylings with soul & cosmic-folk. With vocals rich in moxie, a groovin rhythm section and sunny, twangy guitars & keys, Secret American brings a fresh perspective to a time-tested sound. The music is the brainchild of Derek Krzywicki & Todd Mecaughey. The two began recording regularly in 2017 despite living in Carpinteria, CA and Philadelphia, PA and by 2018, they had completed their debut album “Warmth & Shelter”. Feeling this new music needed to be played live, the duo evolved into the electrifying seven-piece band that exists today. In time, they settled into the perfect line-up, with Rory Geoghegan & Alex Baranowski on guitars, Tony Unander on percussion, & Katie Frank on keys & Jon McNally on drums. After strings of notable shows/festivals with groups like Waxahatchee, Low Cut Connie, The Front Bottoms, Palm Palm, Illiterate Light & more, the band continued to hone their craft & record new music. By Nov 2020, the group released their 2nd album, "Heavy Feels", and against all odds/pandemics/elections, the album was well received & interest in the band continued... By 2022 the band regained it's footing after a very long forced hiatus and returned to the stage ready to rock with new music and stories to share. 

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