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Philadelphia, California

East Coast Heart | West Coast Vibe

Secret American is a bi-coastal band from the U.S. blending indie soul with retro and contemporary pop-rock stylings. With vocals rich in moxie, a groovin’ rhythm section and sunny, twangy guitars, Secret American brings a fresh perspective to a time tested sound. The band's lead vocalist and principal songwriter, Derek Krzywicki crafted many songs at home in Carpinteria, Ca. after his departure from the band Cheers Elephant, and eventually sought out the help of old friend and producer/engineer, Todd Mecaughey from Philadelphia, PA. Despite the distance, the duo began recording and collaborating fairly regularly for over a year in South Philadelphia’s Cambridge Sound Studios, as well as collaborating over the internet from their home studios. Eventually, the two sculpted Secret American’s debut album, “Warmth & Shelter”,  and since then the project has evolved and expanded the group’s studio experiments into an electrifying 7-piece live band.

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